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A unique wipe that kills and destroys 99.99999 % of germs and bacteria in toilet seats and urinals.
The Antibacteria Cleaning wipes
An exclusive and innovative development for speedy, thorough and total treatment . Our special wipe kills and destroys 99.99999% of all germs and bacteria typically found on toilet seats and in urinals and other environments where contaminations of feces, urine, vomit, etc. may be found.
The antibacterial Clean act destroys contaminants that reproduce in these environments, providing excellent protection against diseases, germs and contaminants typically passed from person to person through feces and urine, as well as in the use of a toilet seat/urinal. 
This product was tested and verified by external laboratories in Israel and abroad.
This unique wipe technology means that the act of killing germs and bacteria as well as be " BIODEGRADABLE and FLUSHABLE", users can disinfect and reduces the surface infections (as on toilet seat)  and then  flush the product down the toilet without  blocking the drain( up to 3 wipes in one time).

Compared to any other similar disinfecting products, at the end of the process, this wipe perishes away. This very important act eliminates the concern of wipes accumulating in the toilet bin at best, or strewn on the floor around the toilet seat, spreading contaminants which was just removed from the surface and may danger the environment again.

In addition, these wipes have the characteristics of "biodegradable", meaning that within a short time ( few months)  the wipes will disintegrate and fall a part on their own and will not be a problem for municipal sewage systems and / or water purification. That is in complete contrast to the severe damage caused by standard moisture wipes which does not disintegrate and continues to contaminate the environment  for the next 150-200 Years !!

The " BIODEGRADABLE and FLUSHABLE" element is therefore highly crucial to a healthy environment.

Environmental safety:

Using the anti bacteria Clean wipes eliminates the cost and use of powerful disinfectants, which cause: (a) direct pollution of the environment;
(b) pollution of water sources and soil;
(c) accelerated wear of the objects and their surroundings.
Thus, the product's visibility and maintenance costs are kept dramatically low.

The product destroys 99.99999% contaminations in toilet seats and urinals

  • Suitable for almost to all kind of surfaces.
  • Suitable especially for public toilets and urinals in restaurants, hospitals, airports, hotels ,senior citizens homes, military bases.
  • Suitable for home and personal use, fits into your handbag and any other place;
  • Can be used in aircrafts, ships and caravans
  • Suitable for portable toilets and in bomb shelters.
  • Suitable for hikers, soldiers and others in outdoor pursuits;
  • Recommended in countries and locations of poor hygiene;
  • Suitable for refugee and transit camps.


DIY packaging: 40 wipes with repeat opening to preserve wipes' moisture.
Individual packaging: 12 wipes with repeat opening to preserve wipes' moisture.
Use instructions:
  1. Pull out one wipe and thoroughly wipe the entire surface and object.
  2. Immediately throw wipe into the toilet and flush until it disappears down the drain. You may throw up to 3 wipes in one flushing;
  3. After using the product, tightly close the packaging's tab.

Warnings and remarks:
  • Use the product for its designated purpose only;
  • Store in a cool place of under 30°C;
  • Freezing may damage the product;
  • For external use only.
  • Do not use on open wounds or sanitize wounds!
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Tel. +972-3-7166565
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