Invitation to our customers! 
NANO- Z -COATING LTD will participate on 13-17 / 9/2016
at the world's largest automotive fair AUTOMECHANIKA
HALL 9.1 booth D-69 in Frankfurt, Germany, for there all automotive products family.
We will be happy to meet you there. SEE YOU !!



About Us
  • NANO-Z COATING LTD. has been involved in production, import/export and marketing nano technology coatings from 2011, and specializes in unique nano technology and other technological and innovative materials for the chemical, construction, infrastructures, motor vehicle and other industries.
  • NANO-Z COATING LTD. is one of the few and leading companies in the field in Israel and in the world dealing especially with original and pure nanometric coating materials precisely modified for their particular purposes. It has set for itself the goal of integrating the apparently impossible – breakthrough technology at a reasonable price. 
The raw materials are of the highest quality produced using nano technology for the world market in this field and are produced using exclusive, unique patent protected technologies, utilizing knowledge-rich and innovative methods specially developed for production of nano-micron based materials in first rate facilities under constant and rigorous inspection, which results in finished products bearing wide ranging stamps of approval such as: ISO 9000; ISO 9001; ISO 9001-2000.
In addition the products are tested in Israel by certified institutions such as the Israel Standards Institute. For example: NANO-Stone ST-1 was granted the test approval certifying its main capabilities and properties!
  • NANO-Z COATING LTD. markets to the leading companies in Israel in the fields of construction, infrastructures and various industries. NANO-Z COATING LTD. very successfully exports its unique range of products to customers abroad and every quarter expands while providing support and responses as well as solutions adapted to the industrial requirements in the countries to which it exports. 
  • NANO-Z COATING LTD. has a series of readily available coatings from the exotic nano (1 nano = one millionth part of a millimeter) world, intended for the local market and for export, and which facilitate a clean environment, easy to clean, economical in terms of day-to-day maintenance costs, as well as improving the quality of life in the fields of stone and marble, construction, infrastructures and industry, textiles, leather and suede, wood, glass, ceramics, iron, vehicles, plastic, greenhouses, solar collectors and more. The products possess phenomenal properties such as “breathing”, invisibility, water and oil repellency, robust and stable UV durability, are based on natural materials that are not harmful to health (nano products) and with the purpose of long-term preservation of the coated object’s initial characteristics. In addition NANO-Z COATING LTD. products are outstanding in reduction of heat and radiation.
  • The solutions and innovation, the uncompromising quality and the competitive price per square meter, provide economy and reduction in day-to-day maintenance costs. The result: energy savings, environmental cleanliness of levels that until now seemed imaginary and at low costs. A wide variety of possibilities has opened up for improving and extending the lifespan of products in all walks of life and life styles with simple and easy do-it-yourself application.
  • NANO-Z COATING LTD. utilizes and will continue to utilize additional, amazing, breakthrough technologies for a cleaner future and healthier environment both for the local and overseas markets.

    We will always be happy to serve you with advice and direction.
Ofer Levy
Managing Director

shedlovski 1, yavne, Israel
Tel. +972-3-7166565
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