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“Seal and Lock” BO Natural Luster Coating
Water-based transparent coating prevents stains and absorbency in concrete, all types of mineral stone, tiles and other surfaces
• Seal and Lock” BO Natural Luster Coating is water-based, without solvents and was designed in a polymer acrylic polyurethane composition for massive and robust durability for water, and various liquids, repellence as well as prevention of absorbency and heavy stains. The unique and innovative technology facilitates chemical adhesion and deep penetration into the tiled/wall surface and builds a stable and massive molecular UV connection that prevents and blocks penetration and stains.
• The natural luster coating was designed in accordance with the stringent requirements of the American ASTM-C936 Standard. The product is non-toxic, possesses excellent mechanical physical strength that facilitates use in areas with heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
•  The natural luster coating is unique in that it permits application in only one day! 

For What is it Intended?
For all types of concrete, integrated stones, Hebron Stone, parking lots, sidewalks, concourses and entrances, pathways, parks, Dutch Streets, all types of mineral stones, concrete furniture and other products, architectural concrete blocks, drinking fountains, walls of buildings and homes, and more.

  • Massive, excellent, unique durability to stains including black and burnt engine oil.
  • The chemical connection composition and robust UV durability extends and preserves the lifespan of the surface like new and for an extended period of time.
  • Exclusive! Does not allow chewing gum to adhere deeply and facilitates its easy removal. (It is recommended to remove chewing gum as soon as possible after it falls).
  • Does not harm floors/surfaces and does not cause lightening. It is possible to receive the BO Natural Luster Coating with an anti-skid additive.
  • Unique and special – application in only one day!
  • Facilitates return to us of pedestrians already after 4—5 hours at an environmental temperature of 24—25 degrees Celsius.
  • Safe for the user and the environment, non-toxic and odorless.
  • Does not harm plants, facilitates worry free application in areas with plants, integrated stones/concrete such as: gardens, parks, entranceways, halls and so on.
  • Reduces to a minimum the development of mildew and fungus.
  • Significantly retards growth of weeds and anthills.
  • Penetrates and seals also in the spaces between stones and cracks.
  • The surface is available for pedestrians already after 4 hours and vehicles within 48 hours, in normal weather conditions.
Coverage Capability:
3.8 liter (gallon) can; 15-20 square meters.
19 liters: 80-100 square meters.
Depending on the texture, absorbency, age, and width of the spaces and cracks between the surfaces.
Remarks and Recommendations:
  1. In order to reduce as much as possible various types of tire tracks, it is recommended not to perform sudden stops or sharp turns.
  2. In order to maintain the cleanliness of the surface it should be periodically washed at least once a month using normal water pressure with delicate cleaning products (simple liquid soap).
  3. Do not use acids.
  4. Petroleum, oils and so on should be wiped up as soon as possible after the spillage.

Transportation and Storage:
  • In an original sealed container, shelf life is one year in a closed shaded place.
  • Material diluted with water should be used but not returned to the container or stored.
  • Material that freezes is no longer useable.
  • The water-based material is non-flammable and non-toxic.
  • All the data supplied is to the best of the knowledge and experience of the company in Israel and abroad, however the customer is not exempt from his obligation to test the product prior to actual application on the intended surface. The company supplies preliminary testing and suitability services for any surface intended for coating.

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