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BO-Wood Coating prevents stains on natural wood
Natural / wet luster - water-based, transparent, preventing stains and absorbency on natural wood surfaces and decks.
What is BO coating?
BO is a natural luster,water-based coating, without solvents, which was designed in an acrylic polymer, polyurethane structure for massive and strong durability, to repel water and various liquids and for preventing absorbency and severe stains.

The innovative and unique technology facilitates chemical bonding, deep penetration into the wood surface and constructs a UV-stable and massive molecular connection that prevents and blocks penetration and stains.

The product is non-toxic and possesses an excellent physical mechanical strength that enables use in areas with massive pedestriantraffic.

Natural luster coating uniquely enables application in only one day.
Coating of a pool deck environment with the wet look
For what is it intended?
For natural wood deck surfaces and parquet, for a marine and pool environment, vacation homes, plazas and entrance halls, parks, furniture and garden products, pergolas, walls of structures, wooden houses and more.
Coverage and packaging
Gallon 3.8 liter: 22 – 34 square meters.
18 liter can: 100 – 160 square meters.
Depending on the type of wood, its texture, absorbency and age of the wood.

House in Tel Aviv after coating with BO-WOOD "wet look"
Aesthetic - Reduces mold and moss
Various finishes - Wet look or natural luster
Contributes to safety - Also available with increased friction factor
Water-based - For application also in an environment combined with plants
Economy in costs and maintenance - Extends the life of the wood
Economy in costs and use of cleaning materials - Easy cleaning effect
Massive durability - For marine / pool environment and protects from severe stains 
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