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CBS-700: Protection against concrete liquids and dirt
Transparent coating for protection of the building envelope, concrete, marble, stone

After removal of the CBS-700 protective coating together with the dirt, the surface returns to its former state.
What is the CBS-700 protective coating?
An innovative technology that incorporates selected materials that create a transparent, invisible protective layer that permits, using standard water pressure from fire-fighting hydrants and up to 100 bar only, easy and rapid future removal of remains of concrete liquids and dirt, especially during Branovitz construction and standard stone construction, as well as preservation and protection of an architectural surface block, concrete, stone, marble, roof tiles, and interlocking paving stones, until handing over to the customer.
What is the technology?
CBS-700 permits the cleaning and removal of dirt, concrete liquids, and various pollutants, easily and efficiently, as a result of prevention of absorption, and eliminates the need for the use of high pressure water that damages the grouting and pointing, and/or the need for mechanical means such as angle grinders.
CBS-700 does not change or affect the appearance or color of the surface and "knows" how to attach itself without affecting mineral surfaces and tiles.
Before using CBS-700
After use of the CBS-700
CBS-700 has excellent properties of protection for external use and gives the contractor large financial savings in cleaning costs for the building envelope, in the time required for cleaning, and for preservation of the building or the surface until handing over to the customer.

What is it intended for?
For contractors and entrepreneurs as a protective coating for the building envelope when using the branovitz method, for the building envelope when clad in stone, concrete, and marble.
For manufacturers and factories of concrete, architectural concrete, marble, roof tiles − for preservation of the product from the production stage and until handing over to the customer, on the site from commencement of the work and until handing over the building/ surface to the customer.
10-25 m2/liter, depending on the absorptivity, nature of the surface, and the method of application.
The product is ready for use. The surface must be washed clean of dust and dirt, and the product is then applied in accordance with the requirement using a brush/ roller/ spray, 1-2 coats, immediately after the first layer has been absorbed. Drying time: a few minutes, depending on the ambient temperature.
Cleaning the surface
With low water pressure (standard fire-fighting water pressure up to 100 bar), depending on the texture and type of surface.
Means of protection
For maximum protection, clean using customary precautions, such as gloves, goggles.
4 liter gallon, 18 liter drum.
Shipment and storage
In the original package and when closed, the product is good for up to one year, when kept under cover, at a storage temperature of between 3°C and 30°C.

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