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CW-101 Volatile Cleaner – Without Residue
What is CW-101:
It is a fast-working volatile industrial removal agent for deep and substantial cleaning, without leaving any chemical residue, which was designed for immediate removal of water stains, dust, body oil grime, soap, wax, brightening and polishing materials, or any other existing surface coating material.

For What is it Intended?
Glass, vehicle windshields, mirrors, ceramic tiles, porcelain granite, porcelain, toilet bowls, sinks, urinals, stainless steel, aluminum, Caesar Marble, Corian and Samsung surfaces, plastic and places requiring rapid and thorough cleaning of various contaminants.
How Does CW-101 Work?
The CW-101 technology penetrates deeply into the surface and dissolves chemical bonds of contaminants and coatings found on that surface. It disconnects/dissolves them from the surface and thereby enables easy and rapid removal.

Advantages of the Product:
  • Superb cleaning without leaving any traces.
  • Does not harm the silicone sealant around shower stalls, rubber sealants etc.
  • Easy to apply and rapidly remove.

100ml; 1 liter; 5 liters; 20 liters.

  • The product is volatile and flammable. Do not smoke when using it; keep away from sources of heat or fire; apply in a well-ventilated place. Keep out of reach of children.
  • All the data supplied is to the best of the knowledge and experience of the company in Israel and abroad, however the customer is not exempt from his obligation to check the product prior to actual application.

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