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E-4 Solar Shield Reduces and Blocks Heat and Radiation
What is E-4?
The Solar Shield is an environmentally friendly, transparent, water-based acrylic coating, developed for optimal blocking, reduction and control of the amount of heat and radiation from the sun that penetrates through it. The product is intended for exterior use, under difficult conditions, on acrylic panels (PMMA), Polycarbond, Polygal, glass and more.
E-4 Solar Shield protects buildings, greenhouses, roofs and so on, from overheating and enables modulation and control of the amount of heat, radiation and light, thereby saving a considerable amount of money in terms of the need for air-conditioning and ventilation of buildings.

This unique coating formula was designed for a life expectancy of 8 years.
For What is it Intended?
For hothouses, roofs, swimming pool/halls/parking lot walls, skylight windows, ordinary glass and acrylic screen walls, canopies, awnings, display windows, malls, vehicle and household “sun roofs” and anywhere else you want to save on air-conditioning and electricity costs.
How Does the Solar Shield Work?
The E-4 Solar Shield contains pigments based on exclusive patents and produces a thin coating weave.

These pigments reflect the Infrared (IR) heat rays emanating from the heat of the sun, and absorb the Ultraviolet (UV) but, at the same time, facilitate the passage of visual light essential to human beings, plants and animals.

In fact the E-4 Solar Shield creates an interaction with the Infrared radiation of the sun and not with reflected heat, and consequently enables solar control, but does not produce insulation.

E-4 is controlled by differing amounts that enable control by adjustment of the amount of light/heat/radiation passing through it, thereby offering various uses for a wide variety of objects, with considerable savings in energy expenses required for cooling and heating.

Typical Properties and Advantages of the Protection:
  • A high quality product, unique in the world, which was designed from the start precisely for solar protection.
  • When the coating dries it provides a sealed appearance with a special illuminated luster for the E-4 BLUE (a slightly golden appearance from the outside and a subtle bluish light transmission towards the inside).
  • It is possibly to apply on a do-it-yourself basis or using standard airless industrial systems.
  • Does not remain viscous after drying.
  • The E-4 provides an anti-blinding effect when viewed from the outside.
  • The surface becomes active about two hours after application and complete drying. Resistance to cleaning abrasion is achieved only after 24 hours.

Technical Data-Blocking/Reduction Table and transmission of Amount of Light
  Reduction/Blocking percentage (%) Light Transparency percentage (%)
Standard PMMA panel including filters 13% 90%
or with the addition of one layer of
46.7% 57.7%
or with the addition of two layers of 
57% 47.1%
or with the addition of two layers of 
93.3% 3%
* The test data was supplied independently by the Fraunhofer IPA, Stuttgart Laboratory, Germany
Amazing results at a very attractive cost per square meter! 
Coverage Capability:
Using one coat, about 20 square meters or 10 square meters with two coats.

1 liter; 5 liters.

  • With E-4 BLUE, take into account that each additional coat provides an additional dark feeling.
  • All the data supplied is to the best of the knowledge and experience of the company in Israel and abroad, however the customer is not exempt from his obligation to test the product prior to actual application on the intended surface. The company supplies preliminary testing and suitability services for any surface intended for coating.

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