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ESP-700 Anti Corrosion and Photocatalytic Coating
Excellent Protection from Corrosion, Graffiti, Attrition, Ice, Nuclear Radiation and Chemicals
What is ESP-700 Coating?
  • The coating on this structure is almost completely indifferent to environmental factors, providing extraordinary protection and imparting to the coated surface superb hydrophobic, anti corrosive (also in a seawater environment), anti graffiti, anti murkiness attributes, as well as excellent ice repellence, in complete contrast to almost all known organic materials that dissolve under the aforementioned exposure conditions.
  • An innovative and exclusive development of a unique chemical structure, which is the most advanced of its kind in the world, based on hybrid silane epoxy at a concentration of 99% of solids by volume, without dilutants that was constructed to provide the polymer with a base, extraordinary robustness and strength in durability to harsh weather damage, rust and corrosion, high temperatures, as well as resistance to nuclear radiation. The product extends the life of the object by 5 – 10 years more than normal, imparts a stable luster and preserves the original color, while overcoming the collapse of organic structures.
  • Its uniqueness is in breaking down the mainstay of the silane and attaching it to a cross chemical high density compound with innovative epoxy bases that present a physical chemical combination, extraordinary in its attributes compared to any other single product.
  • ESP-700 does not contain health hazardous materials that could cause sensitivity in the respiratory system, and therefore has reduced health consequences, thereby offering a high level of safety and environment concern. Moreover, the coating complies fully with the stringent requirements of the American VOC Standard for safety and health without sacrificing any performance of the coating.
For What is it Intended?
  • Superb durability to corrosion (withstood a test of 5,000 hours of spraying seawater periodically!!)
  • Anti Graffiti without leaving traces of “graffiti shadow”.
  • Antimicrobial coatings for the environment of laboratories, hospitals, kitchens, food and medicine factories.
  • Photocatalytic coating that is self-cleaning during rainfall or when lightly washed.
  • Industrial coatings for gas/fuel/water/chemical containers, air conditioners, cooling tower systems, engineering equipment, and cranes/cement mixers/port equipment/forklifts/railway carriages.
  • Steel buildings and structures, traffic light columns, safety rails, junction boxes, bridges, reinforced iron that is inserted into concrete columns.
  • Marine coatings for above water and underwater environments, sailing vessels, containers, machinery, desalination plants.
  • Industrial flooring for factories (including chemical), buildings, warehouses, stockyards, chicken coops.
  • Interior and exterior coating for pipes.
  • Coating for aviation components, aircraft of all types.
  • Ice repellant coating to reduce excess weight and prevent change in the physical/chemical structure as a result of ice.
  • For nuclear reactors, facilities and equipment in the vicinity of radiation.
  • ES-500 can also be obtained, in this series, as a coating for application to plastic, fiberglass, wood, asbestos, roof tiles, aluminum, concrete, ceramic tiles and more.
  • Selection of a product from the ES series depends on the specifications and manner of application, desired lifespan, physical attributes required and of course drying conditions.
Coverage Capability
37.5 – 90 square meters/gallon. 7.5 – 18 square meters/liter.
* Coverage is affected by the nature and type of surface.
Part A + B:  4.75 L ( 3.8+0.95 ) 

Protection Advantages
  • Savings in work and maintenance costs. (In most cases application of one layer is sufficient).
  • Excellent durability to nuclear radiation. (Withstood test of 4500 megarad). 
  • Superb chemical durability.
  • Excellent protection against graffiti (without leaving a “shadow”).
  • Attrition – dramatic improvement in long-term durability, 5 – 10 years or more.
  • Robust durability against vandalism, both physical and mechanical.
  • Significant improvement of thermal resistance (from 130 to 190 degrees Celsius).
  • High flashpoint imparts to the coated surface superb resistance to spread of flames thereby contributing to the reduction of fire hazards, as well as safe transportation and storage of the product.
  • Outstanding as a Photocatalytic coating (self cleaning coating).
  • Outstanding adhesive capability with most primer paints based on zinc, zinc silicate, finishing epoxy and epoxy primer. 
  • 99% solid hybrid organic coating with very low VOC, without the use of dilutants and contributes to reduction of waste emissions caused by solvents.
  • Process utilizes 100% compound materials.
  • Low temperature healing at 50 degrees Celsius.
  • Reliable with reduced efflorescence and without carbonization.
Product’s Attributes
  • VOC level (according to the EPA-24 measurement method): < 10grams/liter. Extremely low and far less than the requirements of the American Standards!
  • Dilution: not required.
  • Drying/hardening mechanism: natural, without outside means.
  • Luster level: 90%, very high.
  • Flashpoint: Base A – 252 degrees Celsius 
                       Base B – 96 degrees Celsius.
  • Drying time (at 200C): to touch is 5 -10 hours. Final is 8 – 12 hours.
  • Lifespan after mixing (at 200C): 6 – 8 hours.
  • Coating thickness: 50 – 100 microns.
  • Application: airless hand sprayer at high volume, roller, brush.
  • For Renewed/return/second coat application: minimum of 6 hours between layers.

Reference to and Specification of Main Attributes
Superb durability to corrosion
Extraordinary and robust durability to corrosion was achieved in a test of 5,000 hours of periodic and consistent spraying of salt applied to completely exposed SA-22 steel!! (In a system of a 2-layer coating, including a primary layer of 150 microns of Zn epoxy primer and them an additional layer of ES-500 coating). 
Design of the structural mainstay of the hybrid coating is based on silan, Si-O that supplies the natural basis for the natural resistance to attrition.

The result:
  1. The coating is not affected by sunlight radiation of all types, atmospheric attrition and oxidation (also combined with floating particles such as soot, salt and so on), and this contrary to all other coatings based on organic materials produced from petroleum, which ultimately dissolve rapidly under conditions such as these.
  2. The coating preserves the paint shade of the surface as new, as well as its luster for a far longer time than any other coatings that show attrition and loss of paint shade already after only 2 – 4 years.
Durable to Nuclear Radiation
Coatings in the ESP series are not in fact affected by nuclear radiation, and they have a high classification of purity and consequently are intended for extensive use in environments such as nuclear reactors, laboratories and X Ray rooms and equipment.
The coating offers durability and uniformity of the full structure without defects after a test of direct and accumulated ration dosage of 4500 megarads!!. This in contrast to other well known organic coating systems that display significantly lower purity elements after exposure to maximum typical values of only 500 – 1000 megarads!!
Protection from Graffiti
 Because of the hydrophobic nature of ESP-700 coating the protection against graffiti is outstanding for many years with stable durability to numerous cleaning cycles. Other anti graffiti materials are durable for only a single or very few cycles and are often removed with the initial cleaning or dissolve as a direct result of sunlight and consequently the coating needs to be immediately renewed.
After the coating the treated surface that had been damaged by graffiti becomes easy to clean, including from any other pollutant such as: bird droppings, tree fruit, grease and so on, all of this without leaving the familiar graffiti “shadow” or any other traces, while preserving the surface and the luster.
The hydrophobic nature, as previously mentioned, presents an appearance of cleanliness and aesthetic nature of the object for an extended period, with a direct integration of the Photocatalytic effect (self cleaning) that in advance significantly reduces the attachment of various pollutants such as soot and air pollution while actually removing all the dirt during every rainfall or spraying of water. The result is that the object appears to be new for a greater period of time.
Durability of the Surface to the Spread of Fire
The ESP coating system has excellent durability to the spread of fire as well as resistance to the spread of fire, and complies with the regulatory requirements in various countries.
Factors Contributing to Savings in Costs of Use of ES series Coatings
  • Less layers are required, consequently there is reduced weight and there is saving in the amount of personnel required for application.
  • Increase in turnover as a result of quicker and more numerous work cycles with existing equipment.
  • Extension of the lifespan of the object because of a significant improvement of the durability to attrition.
  • Improves and preserves the shade, color and luster for a greater period and thereby saves costs of renewal.
  • Preserves for a significantly longer period of time the initial attributes and thereby ensures stability and savings in day-to-day maintenance costs, as well as a drop in chances of accidents or failures.
  • Does not contain isocyanates or lead chromates.
The success of the ESP series of coatings results from the unique attributes that were achieved by a chemical modification of the mainstay of silan with functional organic epoxy groups.
This new technology provides industry with protective coatings with improved performance attributes in a drastically innovative manner compared to existing coatings based on organic systems and/or polymers, and even in comparison to those bases found also as one component of the total coating. 
All the data is according to the knowledge and experience of the company both in this country and abroad, however this does not exempt the customer from his obligation to test the material prior to actual application on a small hidden area. Nano Coatings supplies testing and preliminary suitability services for any surface intended for coating.

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