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GR-2 Liquid Formula for Cleaning and Removing Graffiti/Paint
For What it is Intended:
Cleaning and removal: From concrete, stone, plaster, ceramics, granite porcelain, floor tiles, marble, limestone Hebron stone, plastic, various metals and many other mineral surface.
How it Works:
The GR-2 technology acts immediately by dissolving and penetrating to the depths of the surface and unravels chemical bonds that are not connected to the type of surface and facilitates washing and easy removal with water pressure.
Typical Attributes and Advantages of the Product
  1. Dissolves to a depth and facilitates cleaning and removal of graffiti/paint easily.
  2. Does not cause harm to mineral surfaces and most materials. (Apply strictly according to the instructions and remarks below).

Manner of Application

  1. The product is ready for use.
  2. Spread a generous amount and scrub with a soft brush.
  3. Working time varies depending on the type of graffiti/paint and the type of surface on which it was applied. In particularly tough cases apply a second time after removing and rinsing off the first coat.
  4. After it has dissolved, wash immediately with clean water under pressure (150—200 bar). In some cases regular faucet water pressure might suffice.
  5. Do not leave traces of the material on the surface!
  6. GR-2 is not aggressive - however it is recommended to wear gloves.
  7. Do not apply when rain is expected.

5 liters and 18 liters

All the data supplied is according to the knowledge and experience of the company in this country and abroad, however the customer is not absolved from his responsibility to test the material prior to actual application on a small hidden section.
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