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Nano-Car XX-1
What is Nano-Car?
Nano-Car is a natural, invisible coating, nanometric in size that “breathes” and is environmentally friendly. It was optimally developed for vehicle painting, as well as the color and lacquer coating, and other industries.
This unique coating formula was designed to provide the surface of the vehicle with a strong and stable property of “anti adhesion” against erosion.
With the combined, integrated properties of water repellency and oiliness (hydrophobic and oleophobic), in addition to superb and stable UV resistance, the coating assists in preventing and reducing the accumulation of environmental contaminants such as dust, mud, dirt, oils, scale, bird droppings, fruit tree dirt and so on, from adhering and consequently they are easily removed.

For What is it Intended?
For the vehicle industries, motorcycles, trains, synthetic paints and lacquers, oven-baked paints.
How Does Nano-Car Work?
Nano-Car penetrates into the depth of the surface and creates a very thin, nanometric-sized protective coating.
Typical Properties and Advantages of the Protection:
  • The strong UV stability provides the surface with protection up to one year! Other wax/polish/silicone/polymer coatings dissolve within a few weeks, and disappear as a result of heat, especially from sunlight and radiation.
  • The “Anti-Adhesive” effect does not allow the contaminants to penetrate to the depths of the surface. The cleaning and removal, thereby, become easy and without use of any materials (a damp cloth is sufficient).
  • Colorless and odorless, it does not alter or affect the shade, texture or nature of the surface in any way.
  • The strong chemical bonding enables excellent resistance to abrasions!
  • Extends the life of the coated surface by years, while maintaining its inherent properties.
  • Resistant to almost all household and industrial cleaning materials! (Except for highly concentrated materials or acids). Other coating materials disappear after use of standard cleaning materials after only a few cleanings.
  • Continuous, periodic use strengthens the coating properties, previously mentioned, and assists in slowing the fading of the color, corrosion, decay, and destruction of the coated surface for a lengthy period of time, also under difficult environmental conditions of humidity, sea and salt humidity, bacterial contaminations, soot, mildew, fungus, green mildew and so on.
  • The effect of “Self-Cleaning” by rain assists in maintaining a surface clean of dust, mud, soot, dirt and so on! Regular water spraying of up to 50 bar pressure is sufficient to remove even bird droppings.
  • Spares the need for chemicals for cleaning purposes and preserves the environment.
  • Completely frost durable.
  • Excellent results using very small amounts of the material.
  • It is possible to apply it by do-it-yourself smearing or using standard industrial airless systems (as small an aperture as possible).
  • The surface actively repels water 1-3 hours after application and complete drying. Resistance to cleaning abrasion is achieved only after 24 hours.
Amazing results at a very attractive cost per square meter, as a result of using only a very small amount of material!
Coverage Capability: 
100-150nm / square meter, depending on the absorbency property and texture of the surface a
nd manner of implementation.

DIY kit for Implementation for one vehicle; 1 liter; 5 liters, 20 liters.
♦ All the data supplied is to the best of the knowledge and experience of the company in Israel and abroad, however the customer is not exempt from his obligation to test the product prior to actual application on the intended surface. The company supplies preliminary testing and suitability services for any surface intended for coating.

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