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Nano Optic NOP-400 and NOP-500
Hydrophobic coating for the optical industry for military and civilian use
What is Nano Optic?
A coating in the invisible region, ultra-thin, of nano metric thickness of 5-15 nm. It is extremely hydrophobic and oleophobic, stable, and does not decompose for years. It has strong resistance to UV radiation (but does not affect the passage of the required light) and the surface permanently "breathes". The coating does not influence or change the nature and initial characteristics of the surface. It is based on natural quartz that was developed optimally for glass surfaces (NDP-400) and for polycarbonate/plastic surfaces (NOP-500).
Its function:
a) Hydrophobic activity that aids in reducing and preventing the adhesion of ice, snow, soot, scale, oils, dust, dirt, mold, bird droppings, etc.
b) The effect of cleaning and easy removal of the above.
The material has phenomenal capabilities of self cleaning − rain/ light wiping is sufficient − rolling the drop over the surface causes the collection of surrounding dirt particles and their removal (shown in Fig. 1A). it significantly improves resistance to erosion and cloudiness (the phenomenon of whitening of glass/ polycarbonate), and does not permit many of the pollutants to develop and multiply over it. The coating permits their easy removal without the need for cleaning materials or massive abrasive efforts (a damp rag is enough!).
In this way the surface remains clean and shining for a long time, saves a lot of money spent on materials and working costs because of less frequent cleaning.

Nano Optic protects and preserves like new the texture and the initial characteristics of the coated surface for a long time.

What is it used for?
For military and civilian uses, lenses, cameras, binoculars, thermal and optical devices, covers, cases for cameras, mirrors, for the car industry for the windshield, trains, aircraft, etc.
What is the action of Nano Optic?
Nano Optic cannot be described as a sealing material since its application does not create a thickness or fill the surface so as to create sealing. Instead it adheres to and coats the smallest parts of the surface with an unimaginably thin layer of 5-15 nm. This characteristic is of supreme importance for the passage of light and for keeping the initial characteristics of the coated surface for a long time.

This trail-blazing development provides new capabilities for the nano technology based product, 
this is what distinguishes it and awards the coated surface an excellent and unique advantage that does not exist in the usual products in the world market.

The result obtained after coating
  1. A smooth surface: The surface does not permit smearing of the water drop, but instead the drop takes the form of a hemisphere that floats over it. The movement and rolling of the drop over the surface causes the collection and removal of surrounding dirt particles such as dust, soot, etc. on their way out.
  2. Anti-adhesion. The closeness to the microscopic route of the glass/ polycarbonate causes "locking" of the surface. From now on most of the attacking agents, such as snow, ice, soot, scale, dust, mold, etc. will find difficulty in adhesion and development but will only "float" over it. In this way cleaning becomes very easy, without the need for the cost of cleaning materials that damage the transparency of the surface under regular use and over the course of time.
  3. Cleaning and savings. The capability of the coated surface to reject water and pollutants, almost by itself (self cleaning) gives it cleanliness, transparency, and clarity over the course of time.

    In this way:
    (a) It contributes to the passage of light and data to a maximum extent in the time between washings and reduces losses caused immediately after the planned washing. In other words, the surface remains cleaner even during the time between washings. The reason is that a large part of the dust particles find difficulty in adhesion. The smaller ones simply fly off in the first gust of wind and the rest are washed by rain or by planned washing.

    (b) There is a saving in the costs of cleaning materials.

    (c)  The costs of cleaning work are reduced because of a longer cleaning cycle time.
Typical characteristics and protection advantages 
  • The self cleaning effect, the rejection of water and oil, is very great.
  • Cleaning with a microfiber cloth or only with rain will easily restore the cleanliness and shine of the coated surface, without the need for cleaning materials.
  • Excellent UV resistance and stability over time. Other products based on silicon, oils, etc. are damaged and decompose rapidly, even only from sunlight.
  • Strong adhesion improves resistance to abrasion and scratches. Other products can be easily removed just by rubbing.
  • Permits easily repeating and restoring the coating, on the customer's site or on the product location, using the same process of initial application. Other nano products or old-fashioned nano application technologies do not permit this and obligate expensive treatment, sometimes involving dismantling of the installation as a complete object and sending it to the factory for removal and re-coating.
  • Increases and corrects the clarity of the glass.
  • Resistance to chemicals, to virtually all industrial cleaning materials (except for concentrated disinfectants). Many other products decompose and obligate repeated coating, even after a regular single cleaning, using domestic cleaning materials.
  • The coating retains the clarity of the glass, and prevents it becoming cloudy and whitening for a long time. This excellent characteristic is very important since it permits maximum exploitation of the capability of absorption/ passage of light/ transmission at a high quality over a long time.

Application and execution

Easy and simple application:
a) Self use (DIY) − Preliminary cleaning using a special professional preparation for cleaning glass − CW 101 of Nano Coatings is intended for deep, thorough, and easy cleaning of the surface and for the removal of dirt, oils, soot, scale, mold, and other pollutants. For old and hard surfaces it is recommended to use Z-200 of Nano Coatings that permits easy and thorough removal of these pollutants.                         
At the end, flush and thoroughly wipe. It is obligatory to permit absolute drying of the surface after every operation, and especially before application of the Nano.
b) Spraying a "mist cloud" until it runs (but does not drip) using a special original spray bottle of Nano Coatings. Spreading and smearing with a full rotary motion using fine, thin paper, thin cotton cloth, or quality microfiber. It is preferable to do this in small areas of not more than 0.5 m2 area every time.
c) Wait about 20-25 minutes until initial crystallization of the Nano, and then remove  the remains of the material gently (without applying strong pressure) until the surface becomes shiny.
d) For extensive and/or industrial use − clean as above using standard spraying and polishing systems.
♦ The surface starts rejecting water 2-3 hours after drying. It is finally ready after 24 hours.

a) DIY package including 4 CW-101 cloths + 15 ml Nano Optic spray + 2 cloths.
b) 100 ml Nano Optic spray (CW-101 cleaning cloths may be purchased separately).

Storage and protection conditions 
  • In the original container, in a shaded and closed place, the product is good for 18 months.
  • Storage temperature between 3°C and 30°C. A frozen product may not be used.
  • The product is based on Ethanol and consequently it must be stored in a place that is covered, ventilated, protected, and suitable, without any sources of heat whatsoever. It is obligatory to take accepted safety precautions, such as resistant gloves, safety goggles, face shields, and to apply it in a well ventilated place.
All the data are based on the know-how and experience of the company in Israel and abroad, but the customer is not exempt from his obligation and responsibility to examine the material before actual application. The company supplies (for payment) preliminary services for testing the suitability of every surface intended for coating.

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