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Propeller Guard ES-600
Photocatalytic protective coating for a ship's propeller
Excellent protection against corrosion, living organisms, marine vegetation, and various pollutants.
After the protective coating the propeller will maintain optimal thrust capability with minimum reduction of performance over the years.

What is the ES-600 protective coating?
The coating in this structure is almost totally insensitive to environmental factors. It provides exceptional photocatalytic protection that rejects living organisms, pollutants, marine vegetation, and various pollutants. It does not permit their adhesion to the coated surface.
A new propeller with ES-600 coating
ES-600 gives the coated surface excellent hydro-phobic and anti-corrosive characteristics, even in a sea water environment.

What is the technology?
Innovative and exclusive development of a unique chemical structure based on hybrid Silan, the most advanced in the world, in a concentration of 99% solids by volume, without thinners and without evaporation. Re-arrangement of the molecular structure gives the basic coating exceptional strength and durability under harsh conditions, especially in a sea water environment, as well as exceptional survivability against attacks from marine vegetation and vegetation existing in the sea, with uniform and long term maintenance of the new structure, while overcoming collapse of the organic structure.
ES-600 does not contain materials that endanger health that can cause sensitivity to the respiratory channels, and consequently has reduced influence on health and presents a high level of safety and environmental quality. The coating fully meets the strictest American VOC requirements for safety and health, without affecting or reducing the performance of the coating.
Typical propeller without protective coating after about a year Propeller with ES-600 coating after use of year
in the Mediterranean Sea
What is it intended for?
For the coating and protection of ship propellers, sea water suction propellers in desalination facilities, circulation propellers in fish ponds and reservoirs, various propellers located underwater.
Advantages of the coating
  • Tremendous fuel savings by keeping the propeller clean.
  • Maintenance of the optimal speed as close as possible to the maximum speed.
  • Reduction of maintenance costs, increase of the life of the engine, and reduction of the load and pressure on the propulsion assemblies as a result of current working that permits keeping the propeller free of pollutants, as far as possible.
  • Protection against attacks from living organisms and marine vegetation over the years.
  • Strong and stable chemical and physical resistance over the years.
  • Photocatalytic characteristics that permit the coating to cast off pollutants with continuous self cleaning.
  • Significantly improvement of thermal resistance.
  • Excellent adhesion of most primers based on zinc, zinc silicate, epoxy finish, epoxy primer, and with itself.
  • 99% solids, organic hybrid coating with very low VOC, without use of thinners, causes a significantly reduction of emissions of waste materials caused by solvents.
  • The process uses 100% mixed materials.
  • Relaxation at ambient temperature.

Characteristics of the product
  • VOC level (using the EPA-24 measurement system): < 10 g/liter. Very low and more than required by the American standards.
  • Dilution: Not required.
  • Drying/ hardening mechanism: Natural, without external means.
  • Level of gloss: 90%, very high.
  • Flash point: Basis A: 252°C; Basis B: 96°C.
  • Drying time (at 20°C): For touch: 5-10 hours. Final: 8-12 hours.
  • Life time after mixing (at 20°C): 6-8 hours.
  • Does not contain isocyanides or chromatic lead.
Coverage capability
A quantity of 0.4 liters is sufficient to cover an area of up to 3 m2, depending on the thickness of the coating.
36-86 m2/gallon.  7.5 − 18 m2/liter.
The coverage is influenced by the nature and type of the surface.

Method of preparation of the coating
a)  Before mixing the materials, it is essential to thoroughly mix Part A for 2 minutes and Part B for 1 minute, every material in its own container.
b)  Pour the contents of Part B into Part A and thoroughly mix for another 2 minutes.
When using the material and until using up the entire quantity mixed, it is essential to continue mixing every few minutes.

Method of application
Thoroughly clean the propeller. Wash it thoroughly and apply to a dry surface, using the required method (brush/ roller/ spray) with a minimum thickness of 120 microns in two coats (a total of 240 microns). The second coat should be applied 45-90 minutes after the first coat is stable and remains slightly tacky, or in accordance with the ambient temperature.

Means of protection
For maximum protection, clean taking accepted precautions, depending on the method of application, such as gloves, goggles, masks, etc.

  • Package of 0.4 kg with parts A and B.
  • Gallon, 4.8 kg (Part A 3.8 kg + Part B 0.95 kg).
  • Drum, 23.75 kg (Part A 19 kg + Part B 4.75 kg).
Shipment and storage
In the original package and when closed, the product is good for up to one year, when kept under cover, at a storage temperature of between 3°C and 30°C.

A product that has frozen is not usable.

All the data are based on the company's know-how and experience in Israel and abroad, but the customer is obligated to examine the material before actual application. The company's responsibility is limited to a failure in production only and to reimbursement of the cost of the product on the company's premises, or to replacement of the product. The company is not responsible for resultant damage caused for any reason whatsoever. The company provides preliminary testing and suitability services for every pallet.

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