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RT nano-ceramic coatings for reduce friction, soot, smoke,
saving fuel and reducing car parts replacement.
RT is a surface treatment solution that counteracts the negative effects of friction on mechanical systems: tear, abrasion, excessive temperature, and, of course, energy losses.
It can be applied everywhere in a mechanical system where friction is present, e.g. motor cylinders, gear boxes, bearings. The main application mechanism is through the lubricating oil. The RT product is mixed with the oil and it is carried during normal operation to those places in which metal-on-metal friction produces local high temperatures.
In these places, the product reacts with the surfaces in contact, forming a Nano silicate (ceramic) compound on the two surfaces. In this way, the metal-metal friction is replaced with ceramic-ceramic friction.
The duration of the reaction depends on the area of application. After the reaction has taken place, the lubricant can be changed, as needed, but the surface treatment remains in place for one to four years.
The effects of the reduced friction between the surfaces in contact are:
  • reduced temperature of operation;
  • reduced abrasion and tear of the components, thus less need for maintenance and cleaner operation;
  • less energy consumption due to elimination of friction losses, thus reductions in about 8-15% fuel consumption.
  • As a direct result of the reduction of friction first in the  morning - the motor will have a smooth and easy ignition and drastically reduces erosion and smoke in time that the system is still cold and without oil lubrication or protection.
  • Reduces mechanical noise level caused  by friction between the metals
  • create a smooth nanometric filler coating on a damaged surface as a result of wear and tear.
  • Extends engine life significantly, thereby preventing losses caused by the cost of repairs and disabling of the entire system
As the product is applied during normal operation, there is no loss of productive time
These are general advantages, that are practically experienced in every application. There are also advantages that are specific to the area of application. 
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