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T-1 Nano Technological Coating for Vehicle Headlights, Illumination and Night Vision Devices
What is Nano Coatings T-1?
It is a hydrophobic, nanometric, transparent, coating that is environmentally friendly, a unique development designed to supply robust UV protection against wear and tear, and murkiness, as well as to preserve the transparency of a vehicle’s headlights and/or various means of illumination from the acrylic family manufactured at high density and transparency, while maintaining perfect transmission of light.

The product is an excellent repellant of heavy rain and water (up to 95%) with a “self cleaning” effect as well as an “anti adhesive” attribute against mud, dirt, ice and snow, thereby facilitating maximum utilization of the intensity of the lamp’s illumination.

Consistent use of the product will preserve the transparency and intensity of the illumination for an extended period and will retard the process of “murkiness” of the lamp, which causes a reduction in the intensity of the illumination. This will result in improving driving safety at night, in the winter, in snow or driving under rough, off-road conditions.


For What is it Intended
It is intended for all types of plastic/acrylic headlamps for off-road vehicles, jeeps, motocross motorbikes, engineering equipment used at night, camera lenses, exterior sensors, night vision instruments, in fact anywhere optimum vision and/or improvement of cleanliness is required (self cleaning effect).
Protection Advantages
  • Safety – maximizes the passage of light and thereby greatly improves vision at night and in the winter.
  • “Anti adhesive” attribute – repels adhesion of contaminants, dust, mud, dirt, snow, ice and so on.
  • Long-term treatment – a DIY kit supplies protection for 18 months.
  • Economical – most attractive cost per square meter or single application.
  • Robust physical durability – does not dissolve and remains stable for up to 4 months with a single treatment.
  • Easy to clean – the “anti adhesive” attribute facilitates easy removal of dirt.

Superb Results with Use of Small Quantities of Material

available aslo as
set of cleaning cloths scheme for returning the transparency
of acrylic car headlights

100 – 150 square meters/liter

Manner of Application
Use the company’s original hand sprayers in order to achieve proper dispersal of the material, or use a fine, airless spray gun.
DIY kit: 1 liter; 5 liters; 20 liters. 
All the data is according to the knowledge and experience of the company both in this country and abroad, however this does not exempt the customer from his obligation to test the material prior to actual application on a small hidden area. Nano Coatings supplies testing and preliminary suitability services for any surface intended for coating.

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