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For Cleaning and Removing Grouting, Gray/White Cement, Whitewash and Difficult Dirt after Renovations
For what is it intended?
For cleaning and removal from the following surfaces: ceramics, porcelain granite, floor tiles, marble, limestone, paver stones and any other mineral surface.
For renewal and removal of old, dirty and damaged grouting very easily.

How does it work?
The Z-500 technology penetrates deeply into the surface and decomposes chemical bonds of minerals and deep dirt that are not connected to the type of surface.

In the cleaning action: It decomposes and ferments the dirt/cement/grouting/whitewash and thereby makes cleaning and removal easy, by means of a damp cloth or scrubbing and rinsing.
In the removal action: It penetrates to a depth of 2—3mm into the grouting/cement/ whitewash and decomposes them thereby making the removal easy and convenient.

Characteristic attributes and advantages of the product:
  1. The product works very rapidly (in about one minute) and facilitates cleaning and/or easy removal of the grouting itself and/or the oils and difficult dirt embedded in it. (For example, in the kitchen, garage and so on).
  2. Does not damage the tile or the glazing. (Please follow the instructions).
  3. Suitable also for removing all types of tough dirt and various stains on tiles, concrete stone and so on.
Manner of application:
  1. Decomposition and removal: Do not dilute. 
    For especially absorbent surfaces such as Hebron Stone dilute 1:1 or 1 part material to 2parts water (1:2). Decomposition times vary according to the type of grouting/cement/whitewash.
    For cleaning and removal of dirt: Dilute 1:2 or 1:3 depending on the type and depth of the dirt and oiliness. (For example, after renovations – 1:2).
  2. Disperse with a squeegee, spray or brush directly on the dirt until the complete dampness of an area that can be removed within one minute!
  3. Do not wait for more than one minute! Scrub and remove residue with a removal tool such as a hard brush or scraper, grouting opener, screwdriver or a high pressure cleaner at a setting of 200 bars.
  4. Rinse well with running water. Mop up and dispose of the residue using a squeegee/vacuum cleaner for liquids/damp cloth.
    *Do not leave remnants of the material on the surface!
  5. It can be applied a second time only after rinsing and removal of the residue from the previous time.
  6. The grouting can be renewed once the area is clean and dry.
  7. The use of gloves is highly recommended.

750ml; 5 liters; 20 liters
* The less the passage of time since the damage occurred, the easier the cleaning and removal will be.
** Caution: Leaving the material on the surface too long can cause damage. Pay careful attention to the removal time.
*** All the data is according to the knowledge and experience of the company in Israel and abroad, however the customer is not exempt from his obligation to test the material prior to actual application, on a small and hidden area.

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