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NANO-Z COATING LTD. has been involved in the development and manufacturing of nanotechnology coatings since 2011.
NANO-Z COATING LTD. is one of the few and leading companies in Israel and abroad that specifically deals in the design of pure nanometric coating materials, precisely modified for their particular purposes. Our goal is to integrate this seemingly impossible, breakthrough technology at a reasonable price.

The raw materials used are of the highest quality, based on exclusive, unique, patent-protected technologies, utilizing knowledge and innovative methods specifically developed for the production of nano-products under constant and rigorous inspection, featuring a wide range of certifications, such as: ISO 9000; ISO 9001; and ISO 9001-2000.

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Super hot launch for the Coronavirus fight

Approved by the Government Authority GEM India

CPD Sprayer for - UP to 12 Hours disinfection & sterilization of surfaces.

Video and info at category " Hygiene & cosmetics".


New for the Coronavirus fight

Antibacterial cloth for disinfection and sterilization Biodegradable and Flushable - 40 pcs pack.

Video and info at category " Hygiene & cosmetics". 


New Product launch

ESP-700 Anti-corrosion nano-coating certified and approved by NACE USA organization


Breakthrough In Nanocoatings : Nano Z-Tech Coatings Protect Fabric, Metal And Glass
By Tzahi Hoffman

Nano Z-Tech Ltd. is working on a new breakthrough in nanocoatings, using technology that protects fabrics, from couch covers to jeans, from spills. The technology prevents the liquid from penetrating the fabric, and to simply drip off through the application of a spray.

A similar product by the company makes it possible to spray a building while preventing dampness of the exterior walls, so that the water will not be absorbed by the stone, and raindrops simply slide off, preserving the building’s exterior. In future, the company plans to offer its coating for glasses to render wiping them every time it rains unnecessarily. Nano Z-Tech is already in talks with a leading glass supplier in Israel.

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