Anti-Bacterial wipes



An exclusive and innovative development for speedy, thorough and total treatment.

Our special wipe kills and destroys 99.99999% of all germs and bacteria typically found on toilet seats and urinals as well as various surfaces where contaminations of feces, urine, vomit, etc. maybe found.

The antibacterial clean act destroys contaminants that reproduce in these environments, providing excellent protection against diseases, germs and contaminants typically passed from person to person through feces and urine, as well as in the use of a toilet seat/urinal.


This technology shows spectacular disinfectant and destroys of 99.99999%. Others show only 99.99% or less! (Taking into account that on each square mm there are millions of bacteria's it is a very important element!)

In 2-3 twirls on the toilet seat (or surface) and immediate disposal of the contaminated wipes into the toilet water, a sterilized area will be achieved.

The unique property of FLUSHABLE means - immediate "throwing" into the water toilet is critical to protecting the environment by eliminating the infection and, in particular, preventing the risks of the contaminations spread. This action is extremely important because if infected wipes have not immediately thrown into the water but only dumped into the toilet bin or worse onto the floor, the bacteria's and the total infected are actually only "moved", by the wipes, to these areas and cause dangerous environment infection. That may stick to the bottom of a user's shoe and continuing to spread the dangers forwards on and therefore endanger the public.

The "FLUSHABLE" feature- is actually dissolving the wipes in the sewer without the fear of block the drain system. Ti is a unique 100% Eco-friendly element that protects the environment when compared to traditional nonwoven wipes, which do not disappear for 150 years or more, or even when compared to standard "biodegradable" wipes.

Our product is alcohol FREE, non-flammable, and provides quick sitting on toilet seat or sterilized surface.


  • Eco Friendly- 100% Biodegradable & Flushable. 

  • The flush action provides an effective solution against the toilet infection surrounding.

  • Cost Savings - Eliminates the need to use with disinfectants agents

  • Kill & destroys of 99.99999% - Others 99.99% or less*

  • Flushable = the wipes dissolve in the sewer without the fear of block the drain system -   Other wipes block the drain system a

  • Traditional wipes polluting the environment for more than 150 years. Our wipes dissolve in water or land field in months.

  • Only one wipe down on the toilet seat we will get a sterilized area

  • Alcohol-free and not flammable 

  • After wipes, immediate seating or using allowed 


  • For all types of surfaces

  • Outdoor uses, public urinals, and toilets, restaurants, hospitals, airports, hotels, nursing homes, military bases

  • For daily home and personal uses, in your handbag

  • In aircraft, yachts, caravans

  • Mobile toilets, shelters

  • For travelers, soldiers and in the field

  • In countries and neighborhoods with low hygiene

  • In refugee and transit camp


  • DIY packaging: 40 clothes with a multi-time opening to keep the wipes moist

  • Special DIY designed - according to minimum quantity order


  1. Use one cloth and wipe well the toilet seats

  2. Immediately throw the wipes into the toilet and rinse with water until it disappears into the sewer. Up to three cloths can throw per toilet water flush operation.

  3. Close the packing tab tightly after use.

  4. Immediate sitting is safe after the toilet seat cleaning


  • The product should only be used for its intended purpose

  • Store in a cool shaded place below 5-35 Celsius degrees

  • Frost can damage the product

  • For external use only

  • Do not use on open wounds or cleanse wounds

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