Dual active Continuous Protection Disinfection technology for up to 12 hours


CPD, a high-quality liquid mixture, based on 70-75% pure alcohol, designed for dual-active disinfectant, in which his first activity is instant disinfection at a 99.999% killing efficiency and in the second activity, keeps killing the viruses up to 12 hours at an efficiency of 99.99%.

CPD allows daily peace of mind, safety to the user as well as to his surrounding for a long time using a smart antimicrobial coating thereby new effective tool back to "the new life in the Corona Age".

CPD designed and use via the new technology known as "continuous protection disinfection"  against contaminations typically found onto surfaces around us, hard and soft, thereby presents efficiency and cost-effective in the fight VS  COVID -19, viruses, bacteria, mold and endanger us every day and every moment with repeated contaminate.

In this way, CPD technology's uniqueness compared to any other existing disinfectant products is in the ability to continuously disinfect and eliminate pollutants that give the user and his surrounding safe disinfected protected areas for a longer time.

CPD is effective for high-level disinfection for medical devices and food areas, manufactured and tested according to British standard BS EN 14561, American AAMI TIR12 (2010), Israeli T.I. 1944, and found to be effective against extremely violent viruses, bacteria, and molds such as Streptococcus Aureus, Listeria, E.Coli, Salmonella, Aspergillus niger  and many others including Corona COVID-19.

CPD allows complete disinfection and sterilization in air conditioning systems of mold, bacteria, bad odors including urine, cigarette odors, etc. at home, hotels, airplanes, industry, car, public toilets, and many more, at continuous efficiency for up to 30 days in a single application.

What is CPD technology?
CPD is a unique and innovative formula in the exclusive development of "continuous disinfection technology" designed as long-lasting protection for up to 12 hours! This means that unlike other traditional alcohol-based products that designed to disinfect and evaporate immediately after application, CPD will remain active and will continue to destroying viruses for up to 12 hours! At an efficiency of 99.99%.

This becomes extremely important as this technology essentially provides long-term protection against re-infection as opposed to a CPD-free surface, that although was disinfected with traditional products only a moment ago, is instantly exposed to new viruses attacks and a high risk of re-infection.

How Does It Work?
In a single spray/application, two actions performed simultaneously: 

A) As a first activity, CPD instantly kills 99.999% viruses and mold 

B) As a second activity, CPD produces a multi-layer protective coating that binds rigidly to the surface that provides long-lasting protection, thereby fights and destroys new bacterial attacks even if the surface was touched numerous times throughout the 12 hours.

The Uniqueness & Advantage of CPD testing process:
CPD was tested at the field using human volunteers who touched surfaces throughout the day, as opposed to other products that were tested only in laboratory conditions or on walls or ceilings at either low doses of physical touches onto the surface or not touched at all. Those products were not tested in real-time or under real field conditions like CPD.  That is why it is a huge difference.


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CPD approved by the Government Authority GEM India

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Bullet Points:

  • CPD is manufactured and tested according to the requirements of the international standards and recognized by the Europe, USA and Israel governmental authorities

  • CPD successfully tested with live volunteers.

  • CPD eliminates mold everywhere and especially in air-conditioning systems in the home, car, and office and stays active for up to 30 days.

  • CPD eliminates bad odors such as cigarettes, urine, etc.

  • CPD provides to the fabrics and surfaces cleanliness and freshness.

  • CPD is not corrosive! This has great meaning for the aircraft industry to preserve metal elements.

  • CPD applied to any soft or hard surface, plastic, metal, carpets, fabrics, curtains, toilets, computer keyboards, offices, halls, aircraft, yachts, trains, cars, hospitals and nursing homes, private homes, and many other surfaces

  • CPD is cost-effective in terms of reducing the costs of disinfectant materials and labor since the disinfection cycles are reduced by tens of percent and therefore much more economical. For example, CPD allows you to spray once between flights, travel, or the elevator in the office and continue to get peace of mind with protection throughout the daily hours of use

Where to use?

CPD as a DIY sprayer designed for easy daily use, anywhere at the home, office, on trips, and onto surfaces where long-lasting protection is required due to the risk of re-infection.

CPD as a liquid, it designed for large surfaces for quick and efficient applying such as on trucks, vehicles, all around toilet cabin, walls, doors, floors, aircraft seats, trains, work surfaces, etc.

User manual:

* MSDS must be read and understood before use

- Spray thoroughly from a distance of 15-20 cm until fully wetting using a DIY aerosol or alcohol-resistant sprayer and let evaporate independently (Nano -Z Coating sprayer is recommended)

- Apply in a well-ventilated place.


  1. In case of irritation, rinse with plenty of water and dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.

  2. Away from fire and heat source

  3. Away from children.

  4. Used on large surfaces by spraying:
    A) Good ventilation must ensure throughout the application time until full evaporation

    B) When using a liquid for spraying large areas, it is mandatory to wear professional protective equipment suitable for use with an alcohol-based material, including a full protective suit for the whole body, a full-face mask or goggles, a dedicated filter, suitable gloves, etc. After full evaporation.

    Note: It is mandatory to check in a small and hidden place before use.


Aerosol spray 200 ml: Aerosol spray 500 ml: 5 liters: 18 liters: 1000 liters

Storage conditions:

Store in an original and closed packaging. Large packages should be opened close to use and open packages should be closed immediately.

- Storage temperature 3-40 degrees Celsius.

The product is ethanol based. Away from fire, heat sources and electric sparks, etc. Store in cool ventilated and protected places.

 Alcohol disinfection & sterilization of surfaces that last up to 12 hours