Alcohol disinfection & sterilization of surfaces that last up to 12 hours

Provides continuous and long-lasting protection for up to 12 hours

  • CPD - An exclusive and unique formula based on "Continuous Disinfection Technology"

  • CPD stays active and continues to protect the surface against new attacks of contamination, germs/ bacteria compared to traditional alcohol-based products that finish the disinfectant activity immediately

  • CPD- to use anywhere and onto any surface - plastic, metal, carpets, fabrics, curtains, keyboards, offices, halls, aircraft, yachts, trains, cars, hospitals and nursing homes, private homes and many more

  • CPD eliminates bad odors

  • CPD Manufacturing at 70% high-level alcohol, according to the Israeli Standards No 1944 and according to the international CDP world organization recommendations for minimum alcohol of 60%

  • CPD Is not corrosive

  • CPD Provides pleasant soft odor

  • CPD is a great saving compared to traditional liquid alcohol products that evaporate immediately

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User manual:

Spray thoroughly from 10-15 cm to full wetting and allow it to evaporate. Make sure to ventilate the place during the process and after.


  1. In case of irritation rinse with plenty of water, use dry towel or clean paper

  2. Contains alcohol. Keep away from fire and heat source. GHS02 flame label

  3. Keep away from children

  4. Must check in a small, hidden place before using


200 ml | 500 ml Aerosol sprayer : 5 liters : 18 liters : 1000 liters


Ethanol; Ethyl alcohol; Benzalkonium chloride 


Indoor, in cold, ventilated and protected place without heat & spark sources at 3-40 Degrees Celsius.

 Alcohol disinfection & sterilization of surfaces that last up to 12 hours


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