HWC-200 shower cloth

Hygienic cloth for washing a person under field conditions and on trips without the need to wipe or dry the body

What is the cloth and what is the technology?

HWC-200 − innovative and exclusive technology for soldiers and ramblers, intended for self hygienic washing of the person's body under field conditions, while making minimum use of water and using a unique soap that evaporates by itself and eliminates the need for drying the body.

Minimum use of 20 ml of water opens the soap concentration formula that was compressed, and creates a deep and thorough quality of cleaning, combined with fine foaming, that is sufficient for one full washing of a person's body.

The unique feature of the product is that the type of soap evaporates and there is no need to wipe or dry the body.

It does not leave any traces whatsoever of water, oiliness, odor, stickiness, etc. It simply leaves nothing but a clean and refreshed feeling.

The cloth has a soft and soothing feel and is made from recycled material with a unique structure, on whose base a tremendous number of soap particles have been compressed, that were dried in a special process.

The combination of the texture of the cloth, the type of soap that evaporates, and the density of the soap particles and the method of compression and spreading of the soap over the surface of the cloth produce rapid washing of high quality without the need to wipe or dry the body.

What is it intended for?

  • For soldiers, ramblers, building workers, farmers, and all places in which there are difficult environmental conditions.

  • In places where there is little water or a lack of running water.

  • In places in which there are not good sanitary conditions.

The advantages of the product

  • It thoroughly cleans and refreshes the body.

  • It evaporates by itself or with a little wiping.

  • There is no need for running water; only a small quantity is required.

  • It reduces the effects of grazes, fungi, and eczema.

  • A single cloth for a single shower.

  • Soft, pleasant touch.

  • Odorless and doesn't leave traces of water, soap, stickiness, oiliness, etc.

  • Ideal for the rambler and the soldier − light weight and easily stored.

  • Unlimited storage time − doesn't dry up.

  • Removes remains of acrylic paint, ink marks, mud, soot, oiliness, grease, etc.


Instructions for use

  1. Add 20 ml of clean water to the cloth (add more as required).

  2. Massage thoroughly with the cloth and wash the body.

  3. Wait for 1-2 minutes for perfect evaporation.


CARTON BOX :  1200 pcs - Folded

ROLL :  125 pcs.   8 rolls in carton box 

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