Car Magic Clean

Biodegradable cloth for clean and polish any surface

Exclusive Nano Technology for thorough cleaning with no additional detergents using only 1 liter of water.

Car Magic Clean is a biodegradable eco-friendly cloth designed to clean vehicles, anywhere, without the use of additional detergents, using minimal of only 1-liter water for single cloth.

Exclusive nanotechnology development presents innovative propriety for minimizing and compressing a huge amount of condensation soap (equivalent to 1/2 liter of liquid soap) sprinkled and dried in a unique process on a single cloth.

Short immersion with water opens the soap concentrate formula, produces a deep and thorough cleaning quality thereby combining gentle foamy removes and cleans any dirt and contaminants such as grease, soot, dust, oils, wheels dirt, bird dropping, falling fruits, mud, heavy dirt etc.

Using a single MAGIC CLEAN cloth + 1 liter of water allows for thorough cleaning all around the car inside and outside. 

To complete the drying and shine attached a microfiber cloth producing a final beautiful cleaning quality!

Magic clean designate to use: All vehicles ,taxis ,SUV's, motorcycles, buses, bicycles, military vehicles, tracks ,camping cars etc. as well as all vehicles part such as nickel, plastic, glass, rubber, leather and wherever you need thorough, fast cleaning, no additional detergents, minimum water and willingness to keep the environment clean and without pollution.


Spacial Features: 

  • Extremely useful for car wash stations 

  • Unlimited storage time    

  • Odorless & dose not contaminating.                                                                                                                                                       

User manual:

  1. Clean the vehicle in a shady cool place. 

  2. Prepare a bucket/container with 1 liter of clean water.

  3. Immerse the cloth briefly in water and clean the surface.

  4. Clean a small area at a time and dry it immediately with a microfiber cloth.

  5. Do not allow the soap to dry on the surface.

  6. Each Magic Clean cloth is for single use to clean one privet car. The attached microfiber cloth is reusable.


DIY Kit: Includes - 6 Magic Clean Cloths + 1 Microfiber Cloth
Industrial packing: Roll 75 cloth packed. 6-rolls in single carton.

Exclusive Nano Technology for thorough cleaning with no additional detergents using only 1 liter of water.