N.C.C Water based barrier coating for sealing & thermal Insulation 

Thermo-ceramic barrier shield reduces heat and solar radiation

What is N.C.C.?

NCC - A massive elastic thermal coating designed in a unique cross-link structure for sealing, insulation, blocking and returning solar radiation (IR) and UV in extreme conditions (e.g. in the desert).


NCC reduce and returns up to 60% heat and radiation, thus preventing "build up heat" inside the building.

NCC are using on roofs, thereby significant energy savings that needed for cooling and heating.

NCC is synthesis precise mix of four selected thermo-ceramic materials combined with titanium pigment forming the world's most unique material.

This combination simulates a "mirror effect" that returns IR + UV radiation and produces a very strong insulation and sealing ability, mechanical strength and extraordinary flexibility for more than 10 years.

Because of ultraviolet (UV) blockage and 60% IR reduction, a high-level quality insulation is achieved.

These features give the NCC an amazing and unique ability to reduce the temperature of up to 15 degrees Celsius on a surface coated on all sides with the appropriate thickness.


For example, in a concrete structure, prefabricated structure, metal container, blocks, temperature difference Show: outside to 52-50 degrees Celsius and only 37-35 degrees inside the building. 

For What is it Intended?

  • For exterior and interior walls and ceilings directly on concrete, blocks, gypsum, asbestos, metal, aluminum, wood and more, without fear of “dragging” the covering down and exposing the surface.

  • For protection and coating surfaces of varying, and extreme, compositions and expansion of materials, for example: a concrete roof with a plastic drainpipe, fiberglass cooling chest with an aluminum frame, on wood sailing vessels next to metal and more.

  • The linking primer series provides N.C.C. with first rate adhesive properties with almost any material such as:  concrete, stone, metal, aluminum, fiberglass, polyurethane, asphalt sheets, wood gypsum and so on.

  • For sealing and insulating buildings and ceilings of asbestos, Iskor, prefabricated material, blocks, wood, plastic, concrete, cement board, terra cotta and even tents and cloth awnings. These capabilities are not limited only to what was previously mentioned but could also apply to an integrated surface with a variety of materials.

  • For exterior (positive) and interior (negative) sealing of shelters, and basements, also in the proximity of seawater. 

  • Excellent adhesion to asphalt and bitumen sheets.

  • For cooling chambers in trucks, cold storage, refrigerated containers and so on.

  • For insulating air-conditioning pipes and heating conduits.

  • For insulating and significantly reducing temperatures in chemical tanks, food containers, water, gas and petroleum pipes and more.

  • For factories and facilities with an abundance of pipes and tanks, in which integrated protection is required against corrosion together with massive, significant and effective thermal insulation, such as water- and oil-rigs, gas tanks, petrochemical industries and so on.

  • For ships, harbor facilities and in the marine environment. (Salt-water durability test: 2,000 hours).

  • Sealing of tunnels, concrete and plastic sewage pipes, water and chemical canals.

  • Preservation and protection of concrete or metal bridges or a combination of both.

  • Simple application by brushing or spraying with a satin finish.


How Does N.C.C. Work?

N.C.C. provides a massive thermal insulation for up to 1490C. It sheds and reflects heat and radiation thereby preventing the “build up” and accumulation of heat in the surface.

These properties provide N.C.C. with an amazing and unique ability to reduce temperature by about 150C in the coated surface. For example, in a structure made of concrete, prefabricated material, a metal container or blocks, the difference in temperature between the interior and the exterior can reach 32 degree outside and only 17 degrees inside the structure!
In addition the precise composition of the four ingredients produces a very strong and mechanically stable (strength failure under tension is PSI 110 in comparison to a vehicle tire with PSI 32) insulating and sealing capability and extraordinary flexibility (up to seven times the initial value) and together with first rate (99.5%) solar blocking of ultraviolet (UV and infrared (IR) an exceptional result of natural cooling and insulation is achieved at levels that no other combination or composition of materials has yet achieved.

Typical Properties and Advantages of the Protection:

  • Saves on and significantly reduces costs of cooling/heating.

  • Creates a robust and flexible membrane layer that drastically reduces the expansion and contraction of the coated surface caused by extreme changes of temperature and thereby assists in preventing cracks and fractures.

  • Designed for durability and stability under difficult conditions for at least 10 years and can be renewed under controlled conditions for up to 20 years.

  • Excellent for application on expansion seams.

  • Significantly reduces the level of noise and rain by up to 68%, especially on Iskoor, asbestos, tin, polygal roofs and so on.

  • Designed to prevent corrosion and deterioration of the surface, as a result of its high durability to abrasion.

  • Resistant to mold, fungus, mildew and seaweed.

  • Durable in a marine environment and underwater environment. (Durability in saltwater test: 2,000 hours).

  • Remains flexible in all weather conditions.

  • Awarded the international Energy Star Standard, the American NSF Standard, UL, FM Global Approval and others. It is especially recommended by independent institutions of experts throughout the world, for example: the European DNV, RCI (organization of builders and gardeners in the USA) and others.

  • It has been proven and applied in large-scale international projects such as oil-rigs, ships, gas and petroleum conveyance projects in Azerbaijan, gigantic gas tanks in Russia, American forces in Iraq including utilization for insulating cloth tents and more.

  • Is available in about 30 light shades, and in addition can be ordered in any required shade.

  • Can be applied by do-it-yourself means or by standard industrial airless systems.

  • The surface will actively repel water when fully dry. Cleaning abrasion durability is achieved only after 24 hours.

Coverage Capability:
400 microns thickness wet or 250 microns dry.

19 liters. Shelf life: 3 years in a cool shaded location.

Reduces heat - up to 15ºC
Durable - for 10 years or more
Safety - protects against burns
Mold, fungus and algae resistant
External waterproofing Insulation
Reduces and isolates noises - up to 15 db
Multi Connect - Connects to almost all materials
Reduce and returns up to 60% heat and radiation
Thermal resistance - prevents heat build-up in the building
Economical - significantly reduces costs of cooling / heating