Nano-Steel FM-01 & NFM-02

Invisible, hydrophobic barrier coating for metals repels water and enables easy cleaning.

What is Nano-Steel?

Nano-Steel coating is a natural, invisible and ultra thin and breathing coating based on ethanol and intended for the metal industries.


Basically there is a division between ferrous metals (FM) such as natural iron and its alloys and non-ferrous metals (NFM) such as stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, as well as precious metals such as silver, gold, titanium, duralumin and more.


Both are environmentally friendly. They are suited for almost any type and composition of steel and assist in redusing water stains, grease, lime scale, dirt, mud, contaminants thereby allowing easy cleanliness without detergents using damp microfiber.

For what is it intended?

Kitchen and bathroom accessories made of stainless steel such as: sinks, ovens, refrigerators, work surfaces, hospital appliances, faucets, shower cabin and so on.  


Aluminum industry (profiles, surfaces and so on) industrial elements and more.  


Handrails, elevators, escalators, as well as interior and exterior building coverings.  


Structures, bridges, products made of iron and steel such as containers, iron beams and structures, basic construction iron, pipes for water, gas, petroleum, wastewater, chemicals, factories making extensive use of pipes and metals and more.  


Jewelry and Judaica industries working with silver and gold. Industrial machinery and equipment.

How Does Nano–Steel Work?

The two types of Nano-Steel bestow a unique nanometric protection coating, the purpose of which is to protect and extend the lifespan of the metallic object after the coating.

Protection Advantages

  • Strengthens the protection against erosion, wear and tear, rust and corrosion of the metal and thereby extends the lifespan of the object.

  • Improves the appearance of the object in its initial properties for a longer period of time.

  • The hydrophobic and oleophobic (water and oil repelling) properties do not allow dirt, scale and contaminants to: A) Adhere to the object and thereby enables easy removal with water alone, saving on the cost of oil, and chemical removers, and acids. B) Bestow and strengthen the level of sterility and general cleanliness of the surface.

  • Reduces the traces of fingerprints and enables them to be easily cleaned. (On stainless steel, brass, silver and gold).

  • Excellent abrasion durability as a result of its unique adhesive capability.

  • Extraordinarily stable and robust UV durability provides long-term durability (differs according to the environment and type of metal).

  • Stable chemically durability to almost all standard household or industrial cleaning materials.

  • Helps preserve the surface even under difficult environmental conditions of humidity and sea humidity. 

  • Greatly improves the durability of elements painted with synthetic, baked and other paints, such as aluminum profiles (it is recommended to initially test the product on a hidden section).

  • Does not alter the shade and nature of the surface.

  • Safe in the presence of food.

ננו סטיל.jpg

Easy cleaning Nano-steel NFM-02 for faucets and baths

Amazing results at a very attractive cost per square meter,
as a result of use of very small amounts of the material!

Coverage Capability:

Excellent results using very small amounts of the material. Thickness of the layer is about 70—100 nm, depending on the strength and texture of the surface and the manner of application. 


DIY KIT; 1 liter; 5 liters; 20 liters

Storage Conditions:

  • In a sealed original container, shelf life is for up to 12 months.

  • Storage temperature is from 3-30 degrees Celsius.


NFM-02 Non-ferrous metals

Coast effective - less cleaning materials
More clean - reduces & facilitates fingerprint cleaning
Hydrophobic & oleophobic repellent - easy dirt removal
Strong UV stability - protect against wear, weathering & rust