Stone inflorescence remover

What is Z-600:

Z-600 is an environmentally friendly,organic, that easily and effectively removes the phenomenon of “stone inflorescence" or white powder that appears on the surface of concrete, stone, marble and on any mineral surface, as well as rust stains on those surfaces. It does not contain aggressive caustic ingredients, does not harm the surface texture, does not harm the surroundings of vegetation, is almost odorless and is intended for both interior and exterior use.


Z-600 allows neutralization of the problem of corrosion and stains,caused by these phenomena and facilitates implementation of protection for sealants or other advanced materials based on nano technology coating.

Z-600 is the mosy effective non-aggressive solution to the phenomenon of “stone inflorescence” or white powder that appears on the surface of concrete, stone and marble as a result of accumulation of various minerals containing calcium and salts, which permeate out of the stone and appear as a white powder on various areas of the walls and horizontal surfaces. This powder can also appear because of defective infrastructure permeation (incorrect mixture of mortar, powdersand so on), through the stone to the exterior surface of the stone / concrete.

Z-600 is also particularly effective in the removal of rust stains in those areas where these stains have “surfaced” or appeared on the stone / concrete surfaces.

Z-600 was designed according to the American Standard for very low VOC and was approved for use in all 50 states of the USA.

Z-600 is adapted to work with all the company's protective products such as BO-STONE or Nano Stone ST-1.


Can be diluted up to a ratio of 1:4 and is applied by spraying / brushing until absorbed. Allow the material to remain in place until the fermentation ends and remove with a water pressure cleaner. An extra layer may be necessary.

Before applying a sealer of any kind, it is necessaryto ensure a thorough and complete removal of the Z-600.

Do not allow the Z-600 to remain on the surface for too long. Remove immediately after completion of the fermentation in order to minimize the surface deterioration.

Cleaning of tools: 

Immediately after use with running water.



18-liter can: 90 – 140 m² / liter, depending on the surface type, texture, absorbency, thickness, inflorescence and so on.


750ml; 5 liters; 18 liters.

 Exclusive & unique cleaning product