Nano-Plast NP-400

Nano Technology Coating for Vehicle plastic parts & dashboards 

What is Nano-Plast NP-400?

Nano-Plast coating is a natural, invisible and ultra thin, “breathing” and environmentally friendly coating optimally developed for the plastics industries, for polymer or synthetic surfaces, characterized by various plastic compositions and shades.


The material excels in massive chemical durability to abrasion, with phenomenal lifespan extending properties for repelling water (hydrophobic) oil (oleophobic).


The robust and stable UV durability greatly improves the resistance to drying out and cracking.


It assists in reducing the accumulation of contaminants as previously mentioned and facilitates their easy removal without materials. The Nano-Plast thereby protects and preserves, as new, the initial textural properties of the coated surface for an extended period of time.

What is it for?

Vehicle plastic parts & dashboards.


D.I.Y set; 1L; 5L; 20L.

Amazing results at a very attractive cost per square meter, as a result of use of very small amounts of the material!
Prevents dry out and cracks
Hydrophobic  and oleophobic effect
Repels water, liquids and stains
Invisible and eco friendly
Easy to clean effect
UV stability natural “breathing” properties