Our products in action

Nano Z Coating ltd
Smart City Solutuons
CPD - Alco Sterile - Alcohol disinfection & sterilization of surfaces that last up to 12 hours
NANO Z - Dust Control Eco-Platform
ESP 700c anti graffiti
ESP-700 Matte - For public signs
CBS 800 Non stick coating
zm-Cleaning and removing stickers
Q-10 Underwater Seal & lock
Remove oil stains from BO_STONE coated stone
Anti bacterial cleaning wipes
Anti bacterial cleaning wipes for daily use on hands
Hygienic washcloth for cosmetic use 
Hygienic wash cloth
ESP-600 propeller guard
Bulldog shield- application

HNP Helmet visor rain repellent

nano coating

Nano coating for textile or stone

Nano Textile coating effect by Nano Z Coating

Nano Stone coating effect by Nano Z Coating

Nano Car XX-1

GL-2 - Nano Glass for solar pannels

NC-111 Nano coating for the renewal and protection of plastic products

Nano RT for yacht engine

ESP-800 - Stain Protector Ceramic tile coating with increased friction

ESP-700 W - Photocatalytic coating for wood Marine environment ,kitchens and Bathroom rooms.  

Resistant to heat, graffiti, Food stains and sauces

GL 99 Water Repellent for vehicle windshields

Nano Stone ST-1 for rejecting water from external walls, natural stone and concrete

GR-3 graffiti remover

nano textile TEX-10 / TEX-11

Z-200 Cleaner for removing mold, fur, green mushrooms, rust stains and more

Nano NC-10 Hydrophobic shield

for acrylic paint

Magic clean - for car wash

Z-400 for removing gum easily, using water pressure


GL-1 for glass, shower and ceramics

GL-1 results