ZiNCO-100 Eco-friendly zinc polymer

Water based zinc, anti - corrosion barrier for marine uses

What is ZiNCO-100?

ZINCO-100 is a rich polymeric emulsion, water based, with low VOC. In high concentration (99%) of fine zinc particles, engineered in a special structure with special adhesion properties, intended for all metal substrates, including galvanized surfaces. The main attribute of this resin matrix is that after pre-cleaning, drying and correct coating, it provides an excellent corrosion barrier.


The protection is composed of synergetic anti-corrosion additives which work aggressively combined with the unique polymer matrix in order to repel the onset of the corrosion process.


The light grey finish is very esthetic, and can be used as a final coat on a variety of surfaces. This finish is also ideal for the repair of galvanized surfaces. The unique design of the anticorrosive pigments arrangement that compose ZINCO-100 is a breakthrough in the field of metal protection, thanks to its adhesion to the surface ability absence of contaminants and its easy resistence to heavy metals emission.

Combination and application of two additional coats of ESP-700 will provide the surface with long term resistance under the harshest conditions, unequaled by any technology known today.


For what is it intended?

For use in places and applications that require long term protection and/or  very harsh conditions of marine environment, high humidity, corrosive environment, etc., such as marine rigs, ships, chemical plants, port facilities, bridges, cranes, ship containers, water / oil and gas pipes or tanks, trucks chassis, construction structures, even underground, and more.

Water based
Not damaging for sea life
Can be use as single  barrier
Excellent anti-corrosion barrier